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Buxton RSPCA

Buxton RSPCA


Builders: Buxton Construction P/L – RSPCA,

1-19 Burwood Hwy, Burwood East


Details: Precast - 1555m2 (120no) – 150mm-1048m2 (78no), 180mm-15m2 (1no), 200mm-339m2 (27no), 250mm-153m2 (14no)

Leo's Supermarket

Leo's Supermarket


Builders: ADCO Construction P/L

Summerhill Rd, Hartwell


Details: Precast - 1333m2 89no 150/180/200mm

Woolworths Cowes



Builders: Rydell Construction

Phillip Island


Details: Precast - 146m2 (14no) 180mm 78m2 (8no)

200mm 68m2 (6no)

Frankston City Oval Grandstand

Oval Grandstand


Builders: Lloyd Group



Details: Precast - 146m2 (14no) 180mm 78m2 (8no)

200mm 68m2 (6no)

Highlands Hotel

Highlands Hotel


Builders: Hotel Renovations & Maintenance

Cnr Aitken Blvd & Grand Blvd, Cragieburn


Details: Precast - 553m2 (64no) 150mm-374m2 (78no),  180mm-139m2 (11no), 200mm-40m2 (4no)

Harley Heaven

Harley Heaven


Builders: to be supplied

Peter Stevens Motor Cycles Ringwood


Details: to be supplied

1st Choice Liquor

!st Choice Liquor


Builders: to be supplied



Details: to be supplied

Commercial - Hawthorn

Commercial Project


Builders: Maben Group

Cato Street, Hawthorn


Details: decrative timber finish




Builders: Neometro Construction

41 Darling St, South Yarra


Details: Precast - 302m2 (17no) 125/150mm

Residential - Toorak

Residential Toorak


Builders: De Campo Architects

37 Fairbairn Rd, Toorak


Details: Precast - 611m2 42no + 1 column – 150-108m2 (7no), 250mm-9m2 (2no), 265mm-494m2 33no


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Precast concrete texturesOur high-quality precast products include feature wall panels, Reckli ‘Thermomass’ insulated systems and structural elements including columns, beams and retaining walls.

CPC uses only Quality Assured materials in the manufacture / construction process. Our field staff are supported by our Engineering / Quantity Surveying department which boasts the latest in computer driven technology.

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